Waterfall Eco Dynamic 195/65R15 95 V Tire

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Price: $38.42

Haul your most precious cargo with confidence with the Waterfall Eco Dynamic Extra Load All Season Tire 195 65R15 95V. This heavy-duty, all-weather tire delivers year-round stability and ample support for passengers, trailers and more. The Waterfall tire features four wide grooves around the circumference to efficiently drain water, reducing skidding and hydroplaning. Additional central and lateral grooves with narrow shoulder blocks deliver reliable traction in all weathers. With a five-pitch design pattern, this performance all season tire offers a quiet and comfortable ride. The reinforced extra load design can carry heavier loads than tires of the same size. High-rubber construction and a stiff center with longitudinal ribs maintain stability and a straight path down the road. The all season performance tire has low rolling resistance, improving gas mileage. Each unit includes one tire.

Waterfall Eco Dynamic Extra Load All-Season Tire 195/65R15 95V:Reinforced Extra Load tires can carry heavier loads than tires of the same size4 broad circumferential grooves design enhances drainage efficiency on we ground to strengthen driving safetyNarrow shoulder block lateral grooves and 4 main central grooves for all-season tractionThe patter with 5-pitch design and computerized simulation is calculated on pattern arrangement to decrease noise levelHigh rubber volume and stiffer centerline with longitudinal ribsModern tread design for all-season performanceLow rolling resistance improves fuel economyWaterfall tire treadwear warranty: 45,000 milesLoad Index: 95Speed rating: VSidewall: black sidewall

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