Waterfall Eco Dynamic 205/55R16 94 W Tire.

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Price: $46.47

Tackle the road with the Waterfall Eco Dynamic Extra Load All-Season Tire (205 55R16 94W). Engineered for super performance and safety, it features a reinforced rib pattern that provides reduced rolling resistance for greater fuel economy. This waterfall tire is also constructed with four broad, circumferential grooves that enhance drainage efficiency for increased stability and control while driving on wet pavement and adverse climate conditions. It combines different kinds of blocks across the center and shoulder to make for quiet and comfortable cruising. This all-season performance tire features black sidewalls and a high rubber volume with a stiffer centerline and longitudinal ribs for added reinforcement.

Waterfall Eco Dynamic Extra Load All-Season Tire 205/55R16 94W:Reinforced extra load build means it can carry heavier loads than other models of the same sizeWaterfall tire designed with 4 broad, circumferential grooves to enhance drainage efficiencyNarrow shoulder block lateral grooves and 4 main central grooves provide reliable traction on all types of pavementThanks to computer simulation, it features a 5-pitch pattern arrangement calculated to decrease noise levelsAll-season performance tire constructed with a high rubber volume and stiffer centerline with longitudinal ribsTreadwear warranty: 45,000 milesLoad index: 94Speed rating: WSidewall: black

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